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We Scheme. Wow, the Intrigue.


The community for the Satori Murder Mystery
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Hey all.
This is a community for those involved in the Satori murder mystery at Satori summer camp in Spokane, WA (www.satoricamp.org). It is associated with the journal satori_m_m. If you are in Whodunnit, and don't have a livejounal, use that user post. PM Jessie on the forums for the password.

The purpose of this journal is for rudimentary planning and exploration of themes and ideas for the 2007 camp session's murder mystery. Remember, since not every person involved in the murder mystery has access to this page, this journal should not be used to plan everything out; that's a bit exclusive. Rather, this is for bandying ideas about and mostly having fun. Ideally, this journal should survive to be useful in subsequent years as well. Any questions? PM Jessie on the forums (don't want to put my email address up here).

We won't get too much into specifics until after we get the class confimations, at which point we'll change the password to post in the journal account.

Okay, rules:
Really, anything goes, but realize that these should be camp appropriate, so lets keep it clean. Note that this goes especially for me (its Monica, by the way), because you know, it does.

Be civil and respectful. I mean, please. If you can't figure out a tactfull way to say whatever you feel, then don't say it. Also, think about what you're thinking, what words you're saying, and then how you would feel if you read that without all of the information that we get from body language and tone and such.

I don't think either of the above will be an issue, so this is the important part:

When you post, espically if you are posting as satori_m_m, put your name in the subject line. Or, I can steal someone's account on the Forums for a moment, and give you a nickname. We need to know who you are!

Any thing that gets really really long should be put behind an lj cut. If you don't know how, go here. We're not going to be really evil about it, but be reasonable.

I'm going to have this comm be friends only for posting, but everyone can view. That may change when we get the lists, so if I don't update this PM Jessie or email me (you can find that on the forum's userlist, I might still be on the first page, by number of posts (maybe)) and we'll let you in.

That seems about it. If you have questions, email me, or friend my lj, and we can talk.

Also, if you could have a tag with your name in it, as well as whatever you're posting about. Like I may write something about characters in general, and I'd have the tags be "Monica, characters". But if I were to write about my character in particular, I'd have "Monica, character:Toni Taglioni, characters" as my tag. This is so I can make sheets for when we get to class with all of the info I've found on the characters and some of the plot.

Thanks to all!