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We Scheme. Wow, the Intrigue.


June 24th, 2007

Katie using this until she's friended @ 08:56 pm


Hey Monica! Hey Jessica! : D I like what you guys have going so far. Especially the handprint. That should be fun. Do we know if Gracie's coming this year? She was really good with makeup.

There should be some sort of gangster with ties to the smuggling thing. As kind of a background character or something.

The idea of a police character doesn't quite work with the format, as while even cops and such want a drink, they also want a cut of the taking and people would be reluctant to call the police. Therefore a private detective would be best suited to the situation, the hard-drinking heat-packing noir detective already in the crowd.

Heck, the gangster could even act the role of the detective, but I think the noir would work better.

On an unrelated note, I think it would be hilarious if we painted someone to look like they were in a black and white movie, a la Pleasentville makeup.
Probably reaaaallly expensive though, so nevermind.

June 23rd, 2007

random @ 01:03 am

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Just one name that I thought of: Amelia Baker. It would make a good name for someone.

That is all.


June 22nd, 2007

More character ideas (from satori_m_m) @ 10:20 pm

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To add to Monica's lovely list of character ideas, I have a few more:

Snobby Socialite -- very good at schmoozing, has a martini glass in hand, pearls, will do ANYTHING to better her social position, slightly sinister, backstabbing girl.
Name: Up to actor. Idelle Chattre, perhaps?
Actor: ?
Costume: I've got a nice black party dress that would do well. Pair it with some pearls and it would be overdressed and lovely; perfect for the character.

Wannabe Performer -- so desperate to get on stage that he'll do the bidding of the stage manager, perhaps? He could be an accomplice in any illegal activities that Monica may perform. Maybe he spies on the showgirls for him, I don't know.
Name: Up to actor
Actor: ?
Costume: whatever works. I've got a good brown velvet vest I can bring.

Male singer/performer -- head of performing group, extremely self-important guy. Very much given to showboating and taking all the glory, though he is the least talented of the bunch. Annoying. Inspires much resentment in his backing musicians. Loved by the audience, though he is a dick backstage.
Name: normally I don't tell people what to name their characters, but for some reason the name "Moe Hardy" is floating around in my head for this guy.
Actor: ?
Costume: something tacky

Assorted backup players -- filled with seething, festering resentment for "Moe" and seemingly plotting to get revenge upon him. Tired of being ignored, when they are the talented ones. Additionally, one should play the tuba. :D
Names: up to actors
Actors: ?
Costumes: unassuming, yet slightly sinister

Claim if you likes 'em!

Monica and Jessie's plots and schemes @ 09:43 pm

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ALSO: I got the bestest best best awesome rocking flapper girl outfit EVER. Unfortunately, one of the conditions of me being allowed to borrow it for the summer is that only I am allowed to wear it. So I guess I have to be a flapper girl/ cabaret singer. I've actually been thinking of characters for the mystery this year. You said it was going to be structured around a bar/nightclub, right? I think there should be a snobby socialite who will do anything to better her social position, a total wannabe singer, a showboating male performer who's not that good, but who has some underappreciated backup players who are talented and tired of being dismissed, a manipulative bar owner... and I guess you'll have to work in my flapper girl somewhere. I am going to make an effort to learn some 1920s songs... maybe I can actually sing! I also think that the bar owner/manager guy should physically abuse his showgirls. It's so easy to draw a bright red handprint on a face with rouge... think of the DRAMA! We've got motive, right there. I've got some great outfits too; a country-ish dress, an evening dress, a party frock, a negligee, a flowy gown, and of course the flapper dress! Also a good pair of period shoes I can bring for someone else to wear, along with a pair of red stilettos I've got that match the dress pretty well. Anyway, can you tell I'm excited about this?

I kinda want to be a mobster, or maybe a shady bartender, or something. If I'm a girl pretending to be a guy, that'd be alright, or maybe I'll just be a female actress playing a male part, which could work as well. But I want to wear a three piece suit, and have a good excuse to buy a few excellent hats. So there. And I would LOVE if you were the starlet! 'Twould be OMG its Jessie being all wowish.

There's a pretty good costume shop here, so I'll go shopping. I don't know if we have anything planned (LOCKED OFF! AM DYING!), so I'm thinking of picking up alot of the twenties section.

J---- You could be the physically abusive stage manager! I only suggest the physical abuse because I have this great idea in my head of a scene that is played entirely behind a curtain, where the audience only hears an escalating argument and then a slap. And then a couple scenes later, one of the stage girls is putting on makeup to cover a red handprint and maybe one of the other stage girls is all like "are you okay?" and the girl who's been smacked is like, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. It shouldn't bother me, anyway. He'll get what's coming to him." or something like that. And then everyone can go "ZOMG WOW MOTIVE" and it would be awesome. Also I really want to paint a handprint on someone's face with lipstick.

M---- Ooo! Yes! Can the girl I hit be my partner in the rum running business we've got going? Because I've got this great idea for that..... I've been smuggling in rum from Canada, and Chris was my counterpart on the Canadian side, and he's killed! omg! But I don't know how that would work. Maybe he was coming to meet me and he got killed. I dunno.

And then, I need to be killed. I really want to be killed. Please? Please? PLEASE!? with a stiletto heel? Please!?!?!?! (Interobang!?) And can I be oily and greasy and sleezy and nifty-shiny like that? Please?

J----And yes! She's threatening to expose you and you slap her, but she says "he'll get what's coming to him" because she's planning to sic the cops on you!

And you do need to be killed. Oh! I can be the girl, and I'll kill you personally. Stab wounds! With bright red stilettos! Red doesn't show blood! (that should totally be a throwaway line in the first part, too, just to arouse suspicion. I come out on stage, and someone's like, Wow, Nora (or whatever my character's name is), red, huh? And I'll be like, The red hides the blood. *saucy wink* *audience laughs*) And... the cops maybe don't come, and you find out I was planning to set you up, and you get really mad, and there's a tussle, and I win. And you're the first victim, so the stabbing is sort of an accident, but after I get the taste of teh POWER I stab more people!

Although... it is a bit egotistical of me to be writing myself into the story as the flashy main killer before the class even starts. Heh.

M---- We need some pervy old sod who lusts after the girls, and wants to own the club to be a suspect. So he could be the one who goes "Nora! Red!?"

Yes. THis is good.

June 21st, 2007

Welcome! (monica) @ 10:35 pm

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Hey! This is the place you've been looking for, if, indeed, you have been looking for this place.


So. Satori stuff.

I want to be the owner or stagemanneger or something of the bar "the Plastic Fern" or maybe "Bob's".

So yeah. We have to have flappers. Stage girls. And Jessie really wants me to have a scene behind a curian with shouting, ending in a slap.

Yeah. Comment. Discuss. Have fun!


Oh! and as a note, I may have whodunnit shirts for last year, so if you were in it last year, email me with sizes. I'll bring some extras, too. Spread the word, but I'm not solid on having them yet.

We Scheme. Wow, the Intrigue.